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Breakfast indeed is the most important meal of the entire day. Many diet conscious people simply have green or black tea with a toast in the morning while many skip this meal to follow intermittent fasting rules. As per the recent studies, doctors have suggested that dieting doesn’t include skipping a meal or reducing the food portions. Rather, to stay healthy, one needs to balance the nutrient content and have proper meals, especially breakfasts. 

Owing to this reason, we at FMCG Mistral Trading, have made sure to collaborate with the top breakfast cereal makers in the world. We care for your health and our primary motive is to offer amazing breakfast meals that will satiate your hunger, control calorie intake, and make your diet routine much healthier.

Breakfast cereal products we export at FMCG Mistral Trading 

We have partnered up with top four breakfast cereal companies renowned all over the world- Nestle Breakfast Cereals, Nature Valley, Nestle Snack Attack, and Corny. These brands not only offer a wide range of products but also maintain quality of the foods to the optimal level. Besides, they have huge experience in the food industry which is why they are so trustworthy. And by partnering with them, we have made sure that FMCG Mistral Trading can be your one-stop solution for purchasing different breakfast meals and cereals. 

Some of the products you can order from our catalogue are: 

1- Corny Big Choco which is a dark chocolate granola bar and you will get 24 units per purchase. 

2- Corny Fruity Multifruits cereal pack with 8 units per purchase

3- Nestle Nesquik Cereal bar with four bars in each unit and you will get 8 units per purchase

4- Nestle Fitness Cruncy Caramel Bars having six pieces in each unit

5- Nature Valley Oats and Dark Chocolate bar with 18 units per purchase

6- Nature Valley Variety Pack with five units a purchase

7- Nestle Lion caramel and chocolate cereal packets for 8 units a purchase

8- Nestle Shreddies weight 500 g per packet with 6 units in a single purchase

Why choose FMCG Mistral Trading as a trade partner? 

Vast export network 

We run our export network throughout the world, making sure that our trade lines can provide the breakfast meals to different cities, towns, and countries with ease.

No hidden charges of exports

Whatever charges we provide in the quote are absolute and there will be no additional or hidden expenses. If there will be any kind of changes in the quoted price, our team will let you know prior to the billing process. 

Get more but pay less 

The breakfast cereals, bars, and other meals come in number of units for a single purchase. For example, the energy bars from Nestle usually come in 8 to 12 units per purchase while the cereal packets from Nature Valley come in 5 to 6 units per purchase. So, you will get more but prices are much less.

It’s time to prefer “healthy” over “health”!

With a myriad of healthy breakfast units, you can now choose an individual item or a mix of products for your wholesale grocery store, personal use, and so on. We will make sure that deliveries are right on time with no damage to the goods or compromise with the export. Because of these qualities we are the best breakfast cereals or fruit and vegetable distributors in the world.