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Who doesn’t love chocolate? 

Everyone does, starting from a two-year old kid to a sixty-year old person. In the earlier days, if you ask your grandparents, you will come to know how they would steal candies and chocolates from their kitchens despite knowing they were about to get a scolding from their parents. You cannot even deny that urge of devouring a full bottle of Nutella when you see one kept in front of you. 

Seeing how chocolate is loved by everyone, FMCG Mistral Trading have partnered up with a lot of different chocolate and choco product brands that are renowned in the world. For example, we offer the chocolate products from Nestle which is the most-loved brand in the market. we have also collaborated with Ferrero Rocher- the most luxurious chocolate brand based on Italy. 

Despite having so many options, we have handpicked only the ones which are loved by majority and the products are varied. That’s why FMCG has become one of the main exporters of chocolates in the world, be it within Europe or outside it.

Our roadmap of exporting chocolates and chocolate-based products 

Receiving notification about a new order 

Once you will place an order for chocolate and chocolate-based products, we will receive a notification in our system. 

Processing the order notification

The order notification will be processed where we will check the brand of chocolate you have ordered, the purpose of the order like retail or wholesale exports, and also the type of chocolates you want. 

Checking the stocks in warehouses 

Based on the number of units you have ordered, we will match it with the existing stock data in our warehouse management software. If the stock is not sufficient, the order will be cancelled and you will be notified of the same. In case, products are available in ample amount, the order will be confirmed. 

Notifying about order approval

You will be then notified about the order confirmation. On the confirmation, we will mention the brand of chocolate, the product names, number of units to be dispatched per product, batch IDs, and more details. 

Processing approved order

All the products will be packed by automated machinery. If you have ordered chocolates from the same brand, they will be packed together. But if the brands are different, we will pack them separately and an identification sticker will be pasted. 

Dispatching the order 

Once packaging will be done, our logistics partner will process the delivery to the address mentioned in the order. You can track the export easily and learn about its current status.

Businesses we serve and will continue to serve

Chocolate products are highly needed in the food industry. Owing to this, we have both retail and wholesale importers as our clients. Besides, we also deal with cross docking where we receive the products from the brand’s manufacturing unit, store it in our export facilities, and then dispatch them once the outbound shipment is ready to be exported. 

Get in touch with us and place your orders now!

Do not hesitate much and immediately contact us at FMCG Mistral Trading for the best quality snacks, spread, chocolate, coffee and tea. You can reach out to us for any confusion or query and our consultants will be super happy to guide you. Besides, we will tend to your needs properly and you won’t have to worry about the orders or their timely deliveries.