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It is very common in the Nordeste of Brazil, where it is known as mamão.

Thanks to its delicate taste, papaya is an ideal ingredient for drinks and light cocktails.

Papaya has enjoyed fast growing popularity among European consumers, who are increasingly aware of its many merits. In fact, papaya contains very good levels of vitamins (C, E and precursors of vitamin A) and particularly effective enzymes, such as the papain, which helps digestion to such extent, that it is sometimes prescribed to those who suffer from weak gastric juices.

Chemical-Physical and Nutritional average values for 100g


 Values per 100gNRV* %
Energy45 Kcal – 193 kJ 
Proteins0,6 g 
Carbohydrates10,0 g 
Fats0,2 g 
Vitamin C80,0 mg – 133% RDA 
β-carotene1,600 mg – 267 RE 


 Values per 100g
Total solids12 g
Soluble Solids11 °Brix
Acidity (Citric Acid)0,2 g