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Soursop is originally from Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, but is now common in many other tropical regions.

This large-sized fruit is characterized by a sweet, midly sour and smooth taste. It is very appreciated in Brazil for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing action.

Soursop is an ideal ingredient for smoothies and in all recipes in combination with milk.

Chemical-Physical and Nutritional average values for 100g


 Values per 100gNRV* %
Energy51 Kcal – 216 kJ 
Proteins0,6 g 
Carbohydrates11,0 g 
Fats0,2 g 
Vitamin C25,0 mg – 42% RDA 


 Values per 100g
Total solids12 g
Soluble Solids13 °Brix
Acidity (Citric Acid)0,8 g